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  The small businessman and business problems are no stranger to our office.

As the economy and our clients needs have transitioned over the years our practice also has transitioned to meet their needs. My continued legal education and membership at the State Bar College of Texas demonstrate our dedication to timely issues in the law. We are happy to work with the client as well as accountants, consultants and bankers to best assist the client. We also represent banks and lending institutions with a view toward property recovery and security issues in the lending field.

In those areas of practice where we believe additi onal expertise is crucial, we have a vast informal network of experts upon whom we can call to handle most civil problems for business and property including Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Partnerships and Limited Partnerships (LP).
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Robert A. Sparks is an attorney who has lived in and around Johnson County for most of his life. A native of the Alvarado area he has also lived in Hamilton and Dallas, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan Engineering School, a Master in Business Administration with a concentration in real estate from Southern Methodist University and a law degree from Southern Methodist University School of Law where he was the Business Editor of the Journal of Air Law & Commerce.

Mr. Sparks has spoken on numerous occasions at continuing legal education seminars sponsored by the State Bar of Texas and other providers on many areas dealing with property, bankruptcy, lending ethics and law office management. A pioneer in the use of computer technology in the law office he constantly updates the technology systems to best serve the clients’ interests employing technology to expand the scope of legal research efficiently and quickly.
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  Although not board certified in any of the areas set forth below, whether a certification exists or not for each of those areas, our practice centers around oil and gas issues (representing land owner), real estate both commercial, farm and residential issues as tract residential and bankruptcy, the bank recovery litigation, security interest issues, municipal law, planning and zoning, gas leases, right-of-way easements, eminent domain or condemnation and other property related matters as well as mediation or alternative dispute resolution of various types.

Our compensation is based on a number of factors generally laid down by the legal principles determined by the American Bar Association and our compensation from case to case varies by the nature of the case. Sometimes a fee is identified for defined work or we bill by the hour for most work. We have regular billing cycles. We will be happy to discuss the details of our compensation arrangements with the client when engaged.
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  Our technology capability really fits our practice and we apply technology solutions in all matters including databases, document control, filing, document retention and other matters. Our electronic capabilities meet or exceed the requirements for our current cases. If you have a case where there is a lack in our particular technology necessary for your matter please advise us, so that and we can examine your need and adjust our capabilities for a proper fit in the future.
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  Cleburne is Johnson County's third county seat. It was formerly known as Camp Henderson, a temporary Civil War outpost from which Johnson County soldiers would depart for war (most of them would serve under General Cleburne). In 1871, the city was formally incorporated.

Cleburne was primarily an agricultural center and county seat until the Santa Fe Railroad opened a major facility there in 1898. During this time the population boomed, as it became a sizable city for the area with over 12,000 residents by 1920.

Recent growth comes from its location within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro-plex. In 2007, the population was close to 30,000.

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